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Sanremo Art & Comics:

The comic exhibition organized by those who love comics

The Sanremo Art & Comics project grew out of a decision by a number of professionals – active for years in the fields of serial comics and graphic novels, including critics in the genre, and organizers of promotional and tourist events – to join forces and their respective talents to give the city of San Remo a new event honoring the comic in various aspects, starting with the cultural one.

The wonderful setting of the Palafiori, in the center of San Remo, will be the scene of a series of unforgettable events related to the world of comic book artists and collectibles.



Friday 26 August 2016

The following art exhibitions will be inaugurated, curated by Sergio Pignatone and Giuseppe Pollicelli:
 From Diabolik to DK, organized by the Astorina publishing house.
Giorgio Cavazzano. A life among the ducks, exhibit of the work of the most important living Disney comic strip artist
Bruno Bozzetto. West and Soda, the celebration of a masterpiece of cinema animation half a century after its release.
Scòzzari Says, retrospective on Filippo Scòzzari, a major protagonist of the last forty years of Italian comics.
Jordi Bernet. Chiara, Torpedo & Co. in collaboration with Stefano Bartolomei: a comprehensive exhibition of original drawings by a recognized master of international comics.
Karel Thole. Creator of universes, anthology of the greatest fantasy illustrator of all time.

It is also important to mention the Top 100 exhibition which presents in cronological order the 100 collectible comics that have made publishing history in Italy, from Corriere dei Piccoli to Spiderman.


Friday 9 – Sunday 11 September

The Show & Market of Comic Book Artists and Collectibles will be held.

The 4000 sq m of the Palafiori will host specialized publishing houses, distributors, small fine art publishers and vendors of collectible comics. A special space will be dedicated to the original drawings of the Great Masters of Comics, with Italian and overseas stalls.

On 9-10-11 September the Palafiori will display over 80 exhibitors selected from the fields of collectible and antiquarian comics, of original drawings and special editions. Starshop and Supergulp have already signed up, along with other important companies in the sector.


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The strategic position of this fascinating Riviera city will finally allow the French public to come into contact with Italian artists and designers who are very well known across the Alps. An Artist Alley (i.e. a street of Artists) will be dedicated to the designers of comics, while a limited edition portfolio by Diabolik is being prepared to be presented on the occasion of this event.

The comic at Sanremo Art & Comics will also be 3D, through the works of the sculptor Davide Fogliadini, who will hold a conference on the comic in three dimensions on the Saturday, followed by a jam session between the Maestro Sergio Tisselli and Fogliadini, who, using the same range of colors, will paint two faces of a celebrated hero of comics, representing them in 2D and in 3D.
The sculptor Alessandro Zecca, along with Bruno Bozzetto, will then present a preview of the limited-edition statue dedicated to West and Soda.

There will be many artists in attendance:

Emanuele Barison (Diabolik, Tex, Zagor)
Jordi Bernet
Bruno Bozzetto
Bruno Brindisi (Dylan Dog, Tex)
Giorgio Cavazzano (Disney)
Fabio Civitelli (Tex, Dylan Dog, Mister No)
Paolo Mottura (Disney)
Filippo Scozzari (Frigidaire, Il Mago, Blue)
Sergio Tisselli (Tex, The Adventures of Giuseppe Pignata, Indian watercolors)

Other artists, still to confirm, will be attending both from Italy and France.

Meetings and debates will concentrate on the comic as a language and a means of expression; the presence of the artists will transform this September weekend into an unmissable occasion to see and find out more about the Ninth Art.

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