You could say of this character that he needs no introduction. This is a cliché, of course, but in this case it couldn’t be more appropriate. He is Diabolik, the rogue in black tights, perhaps the most powerful and recognizable icon that has emerged in Italian comics.To say nothing of his name, so famous that it has become the term often used by the media to refer to a thief. Created in 1962 by the Milanese sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani, Diabolik has been a timeless best seller for over 50 years, especially because of its unprecedented collectible pocket-sized monthly edition, constantly true to itself and at the same time always able to update itself to meet the latest expectations of its public.

The group of authors that have succeeded in creating the stories of Diabolik is large and extremely prestigious, and among the writers who joined the Guissani sisters, eventually taking over from them, can be mentioned names like those of Mario Gomboli (also editorial director of the Astorina publishing house), Patricia Martinelli, Tito Faraci and Lorenzo Altariva. The design staff also includes still very active veterans like Enzo Facciolo, Sergio Zaniboni and Angelo Maria Ricci, and younger writers whose talents have equally come to be recognized as important, from Giuseppe Palumbo to Giuseppe Di Bernardo, from Riccardo Nunziati to Emanuele Barinson, from Paolo Zaniboni (son of Sergio) to Matteo Buffagni, who for some years has been cover artist for the recent series.

As proof of the attention paid to the changing trends and tastes of readers, the Astorina publishing house has recently launched on the newsstands a mini-series of four numbers in color (each of 72 pages and of a larger size than the usual Diabolik) in which the protagonist is DK, an alternative version of the King of Terror characterized by the distortion of the roles of the main characters of the saga (beginning with Eva Kant), the modernity of the drawings and the intensified and dynamic scripts. Also in this case, added value is represented by the magnificent covers of Buffagni, beautifully executed with a painterly technique.

And as proof of the perennially exceptional popularity of the King of Terror, it should be pointed out that a television series in 12 episodes dedicated to him is currently being filmed that will be broadcast on Sky: the work of a co-production that involves Italy, England and Germany, and one that will feature, among others, the production design of the three time Oscar winner Dante Ferretti.