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The official title is: SANREMO ART&COMICS


The Event is being promoted and organized by the Organizing Committee of Sanremo Comics.
The headquarters of the Organizing Administrative Office (hereinafter the “Administrative Office” for brevity) is:
NWT Srl – Via Solaro 134 – 18038 Sanremo IM

The legal headquarters is at Studio Corrent/Forghieri – Corso Garibaldi 133 – 18038 Sanremo IM


The Event will take place at the Palafiori di Sanremo, situated in Corso Garibaldi snc, from 9 to 11 September 2016


The following categories can participate:

The following can participate as Exhibitors:

A) Italian companies, and foreign companies, who are exhibiting products they manufacture themselves, or services included in the commercial categories of the event. If the company’s producers are not present at the event, their dealers, shops, distributors, agents or general exclusive representatives will be permitted;

B) Trade associations, public agencies and bodies that institutionally carry out the activities of promotion, study, information and publication in the sectors covered by the event;

C) Publishing houses of the sector;

D) Creatives, designers, graphic artists, authors and even individual self-producers, who must not exhibit merchandise or products that are not directly derived from the creation of the same creative self-producer.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel requests that do not correspond to the conditions described above, and remove merchandise that is not considered suitable.

N.B. Under current legislation on weapons it is forbidden to exhibit weapons and/or objects that might be offensive, and that do not fall within the category of reproductions (objects without sharp edges and with a rounded tip) such as swords, katanas, sabers that are considered sporting devices or having a decorative or stage use, or to be used as a costume accessory.


Request for admission should be made by applying to:


The participants cannot make their participation in the event subject to reservations or conditions of any kind attached to their request for admission.

The organizing committee reserve the right to refuse admission to the event to company applicants:

who do not meet the requirements of this Article;

who cannot guarantee a minimum level of quality from a commercial, financial and organizational viewpoint;

who do not comply with international trade standards;

who are in a blatant state of insolvency.

Exhibitors who turn out to be in debt to the organizing committee because of missed payments for previous events (organized by the same organizing committee) cannot be registered in a new edition of the event until they have fully settled their debt.


By signing the application form, the exhibitor agrees to participate in the event using the stand that will be assigned to him and to accept without reservations the General Regulations, the Technical Regulations and any additional regulations that the organizing committee may adopt at whatever time in the interest of the event.

It is expressly forbidden for exhibitors to sell or otherwise reassign, in full or in part, even free of charge, the stand they have been allocated. In this case, the goods placed and displayed without authorization will be excluded from the event at the risk and expense of the holder of the stand.





It is forbidden to place display structures outside the limits of the exhibition areas.



Application for admission, made by compiling the form supplied, must be signed personally by the applicant in the case of sole proprietors, and by a legal representative in every other case, and it is compulsory that it be accompanied by the advance deposit required by the application form.

Application forms received by the administrative office after 30 July 2016 must be accompanied by payment of the entire amount of the participation fee. Only application forms that have been filled in and signed accurately, and presented before 20 August 2016, will be considered.

Verbal confirmation or applications that are not supported by the required documentation will not be considered valid. Acceptance of the application is also subject to settlement of outstanding administrative issues.



The right of terminating this contract is hereby granted to exhibitors. Such a right must be exercised within and not over 30 days before the starting date of the event and must be communicated by means of a registered letter addressed to the Organizing Committee at  NWT Srl – via Solaro 134 – 18038 Sanremo IM or by PEC addressed to

The exercise of the right of withdrawal by exhibitors permits the organizing committee to hold, in addition to the registration fees if provided, the amount (advance deposit) provided at the time of the submission of the application to the event, as a cancellation penalty. In case of failure to exercise the right of withdrawal within the deadline of 30 days before the starting date of the event, the exhibitor will be held to payment of the entire amount provided by the membership fee as per Art. 9 of these General Regulations.





Whenever the exhibitor cancels participation in the event, and this waiver is received by the organizing committee after the deadline of 30 days before the starting date of the event, the exhibitor will not be entitled to a refund of whatever sum was paid at the time of the submission of the application and will pay the organizing committee the full amount due for participation in the event, in accordance with the provisions of article 1382 of the Civil Code. This will not prejudice the right of the organizing committee to take action through the courts in order to obtain damages resulting from a late cancellation. The organizing committee however reserves the right to assign the stand previously designated for the company who are cancelling to another exhibitor.




The allocation of stands is entirely within the competence of the organizers. Any special instructions or requests made by the exhibitor are regarded as indicative, and may not bind or apply conditions to the application, and thus will be considered as irrelevant.

Furthermore the organizers will have the right to move, reduce in size a stand that has already been allocated, or to transfer it to another exhibition area, without any right of the participant to damages or compensation of any kind. However they will be required to inform the exhibitors about this by communicating in writing (or fax or other suitable means) at least 20 days before the start of the event.

The organizers reserve the right to assign stands that are also not indicated in the layout plan. Nothing can be requested (discounts or compensation) for the presence of columns or architectural or fire safety structures, these being part of the structural parts of the halls.




The fittings must be strictly contained within the stand area. Their height may not exceed the maximum height permitted by the Technical Regulations.

It is forbidden to build accessible platforms that exceed a height of 30 cm. The fittings and their related equipment must be constructed in a workmanlike fashion, in compliance with safety regulations, architectural or fire safety barriers. The same obligations are mandatory for the stands, installations, marquees and furnishings set up in the external areas.

Failure to submit to the organizers the declarations and documentation required by the “Technical Regulations” for the responsibility of the stands, of the electrical installations and in particular for fire prevention, gives the administrative office the possibility of closing the stand and adopting the appropriate measures to ensure safety conditions, without prejudice to any civil or criminal responsibility of the exhibitor.

The administrative office reserves the right to modify or renew the fittings and the installations not covered by the provisions indicated above. Every responsibility for the stability of the fittings, execution of the installations and any damages that may occur to persons or property of the company or property of third persons is solely borne by the exhibitor.

Failure to observe the rules and those related to fire safety gives the administrative office the right to take action against any firm with an irregular fire safety position, that could lead, in the case of supplementary measures regarding general safety conditions, to the charging of corresponding expenses estimated at not less than 60 euro per square meter, or the order to partially or completely dismantle the stand and a declaration of unfitness of the stand itself.

Non-observance of safety rules may be reported to the courts.





Entrance to the event will be upon payment or upon invitation.

Special entry passes will be issued to exhibitors, their staff, guests and any other person entitled to entry, to be collected at the Administrative Office inside the Palafiori.

Admission to the event is regulated by an entrance ticket for visitors .




The participation fee and the registration fee include:

use of the area of the stand
printed sign indicating the exhibitor’s title
general supervision of the halls
general cleaning of the aisles and the communal areas
general lighting of the halls
reception of visitors
visitor’s guide (free registration in the exhibitor’s catalog)
provision of free entry passes according to the size of each stand
heating/air conditioning
fire extinguishers
RCT insurance
municipal advertising tax
discharge of copyright deriving from any audio-visual installations on the stand, subject to the rules in force

This coverage, however, does not include live performances (with singers and/or musical instruments) for which the exhibitor must apply to the relevant SIAE office for the area.

Also included are the rights pursuant to articles 72 73 b L633/1941, regarding performing artists and phonographic executors and producers owning recording rights, and on their behalf, SCF –CONSORZIO FONOGRAFICI.

Not included however are the rights pursuant to performing artist and phonographic executors and producers according to art. 73 of the said law for the diffusion of phonographs and musical videos in the course of fashion shows, DJ sets, with or without dancing.

Therefore the organizers of these events are invited to contact SCF CONSORZIO FONOGRAFICI in order to fulfil the obligations required by law.



Under the new VAT legislation, as from 1st January 2013, foreign companies (excluding private ones) both resident in the European Union or outside the European Union will no longer be subject to Italian VAT for services regarding participation in fairs (spaces and related services).

Entrance tickets to the event and catering services will continue to be taxable for VAT for all parties, Italian and foreign.


Every construction project prepared by the participant must be approved in advance by the administrative office, who reserve the right to remove or modify all or part of the fittings, illuminated signs of all types or changes made without their approval. The projects of sketches of organization, furniture and decoration or the stands must be submitted to the administrative office for approval within 30 days before the start of the event.

After the closing of the event the stands must be cleared by the exhibitors at their expense within and no later than the deadline provided for by the circular of Mobilization and Demobilization sent to all exhibitors. Failing this, the organizing committee will not assume any responsibility for the goods and materials and whatever else has been left there, and reserve the right to proceed to their removal and storage at the expense, risk and peril or the contravening exhibitor.

Two months after the deadline proscribed for the clearing, objects that have not been claimed will be sold at auction. The proceeds of the sale, net of all expenses and any rights of the organizing committee will be credited in favor of the exhibitor. The permanence of exhibitor’s materials in the Palafiori also involves the obligation of recognition of the organizing committee with respect to the extra exhibition area employment.

It is strictly forbidden to start operations of dismantling and clearing of the stands before the closing of the event.


The Administrative Office shall provide, without any responsibility, the printing of a catalog of exhibitors, that will be distributed during the event. This publication will include details based on the applications received and accepted up to 30 days before the starting date of the event and will be compiled with the data obtained from the statistics on the application form. The above mentioned details are included free.

Upon payment, the exhibitor can add – upon prior authorization from the administrative office with regard to the distribution of products – other advertising or technical details, subject to special arrangements to be determined.




Payment of the participation fee (reduced by the amount paid as an advance deposit) and any special services requested by exhibitors, is due upon receipt of the invoice, and in any case must be done before accessing the exhibition site.

The organization will not deliver the booked stand if full payment of the participation fee has not been made.

Any additional services requested by the exhibitor within the event must be paid prior to delivery of said services.



Exhibitors are required to supervise their stand during all the opening hours of the event, and in addition will have to take care of the safety of the materials placed in the stands while they are being set up and dismantled during the opening hours provided. The organizer assumes no responsibility for damage to merchandise actually left unattended during the pre-setting up and dismantling stages inside the Palafiori.



The cleaning service inside the actual stand is excluded from coverage by the participation fee.


Visitors and exhibitors may not take photographs or make drawings inside the halls without specific authorization from the administrative office. The administrative office may photograph the exterior and details of any stand, and use the relative reproductions without any right of exercise to recourse by the exhibitor.



Sound advertising appeals of any kind are not allowed.

The administrative office reserves the right to authorize at its own discretion and in accordance with the Technical Regulations any film screenings.

The administrative office may use speakers only for official communications of general interest or in case of an emergency.

In case of the distribution of sound, film or multimedia containing works or parts of works protected by the law no. 22.4.1941 n. 633, royalties must be paid in advance by the exhibitor, as well as charges related to the authentication of the media, in accordance with art. 181b of the same law. The unlawful use of original works, as well as the absence of the SIAE stamp on the aforementioned media, is an offense punishable under art. 171 and the following law 633/41 must be complied with by the exhibitor.


The distribution of illustrative material on the products being exhibited is allowed to exhibitors on their own stand.

However, no poster may be placed by the exhibitor anywhere other than on his own stand. All sorts of advertising outside the stand are prohibited, including itinerant publicity in aisles, streets, entrances and in the vicinity of the exhibition site.

Advertising – excluding that inside his own stand – can be made by the exhibitors in any form permitted by the organizing committee, who reserves the exclusive right of management.



We recommend you obtain fire and theft insurance, possibly of the All Risk formula, for all merchandise, machinery, display materials and equipment used by exhibitors in the Palafiori. The organization provides Third Party Liability with a maximum of € 2,500.000.00, the cost of which is included in the participation fee.



The stands must be returned in the same condition in which they were found and taken over. The costs of restoration are charged to exhibitors who are also responsible for compliance with the special rules for the use of structures and technical installations.



The fees for the stands and special installations are fixed on the basis of estimated costs as at 30 May 2016. In case of a general rise in prices, of labor, of electricity etc. the organizing committee reserve the right to revise the fees and rates.


The organizing committee reserves the right to establish – even in contradiction to these General Regulations – rules and regulations deemed appropriate to better regulate the exhibition and relevant services. These rules and measures have an equivalent value to these Regulations and are therefore obligatory in the same way. In case of contravention of any of these General Regulations, the organizing committee reserves the right to close the stand. In this case the exhibitor does not have any right to a refund or compensation of any kind.


In case of force majeure or circumstances beyond the control of the organizing committee, the dates planned for the event can be modified, or the event may be cancelled, without any responsibility of any kind being borne by the organizing committee. In the latter case, the administrative office, having fulfilled all obligations towards third parties and covering the cost of the organization to any rights affected, will redistribute among the exhibitors, in proportion to the amounts due for the square meters signed up for, the residual sum. The whole of the deposit paid in advance will be paid by each exhibitor. The residual amount will be repaid in proportion among the participating exhibitors. The expenses for systems and/or for special installations undertaken according to the instructions of the exhibitors must be entirely reimbursed.  The organizing committee can not be sued for damages in any way.



Further technical standards and others of a general nature will be communicated by the Technical Regulations, which will also form an integral form of these General Regulations.



Any dispute arising from the interpretation, execution, validity or termination of this contract will be referred exclusively to the Court of Imperia. The applicable law is Italian law. Please note that the official text of the General Regulations is that written in the Italian language.


Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/03 – to protect privacy – the exhibitors are informed that the organizing committee, as owner of processing, may process the data provided:

  • For the performance of their institutional purposes and those of local government
  • For sending promotional material and information relating to its activities and to the sending of newsletters giving updates about its products and events related to the sector of the event.
  • For the purposes of statistical measurement
  • For publication in their own publications and on their websites and social networks


The conferring of data is entirely optional, unless required for specific regulations (such as tax, anti-money laundering, prevention of accidents etc.) and any refusal to respond may result in the organizing committee being unable to enter into or carry out the contract of participation or services related to it. The data is recorded directly and stored in a specific database on a server at our service provider who can only access it for reasons of site maintenance.  For any information, such as to obtain a modification or cancellation of data or to object, in full or in part, to its handling in accordance with art.7 del D.Lgs 196/03, the exhibitor can contact the organizing committee via PEC. Sending data is equivalent to giving consent to it being handled within the limits defined above.

Data Processor
Organizing Committee Sanremo Comics
Studio Corrent-Forghieri, Corso Garibaldi 133, Sanremo IM



Every exhibitor is obliged to follow the most scrupulous observance to the entire regulatory system in place for the protection of the health and welfare of workers, and to the labor law and social security legislation that apply for the entire duration of the event, including the periods of mounting and dismantling the stands and any other related activity.

Any behavior that does not conform to the safety regulations mentioned above, particularly when it could affect the general safety of the Palafiori and third parties present, could be subject to an intervention on the part of the organizing committee, or the immediate disconnection of utilities supplied to the stand or the immediate closure of the stand.

Any other consequences that may derive from non-observance of the above provisions is solely the responsibility of the exhibitor or the company he works for. The exhibitor is responsible for compliance with the regulations in force for all activities carried out by him on his stand in terms of fittings, structures, wiring, exhibited products, etc.

Every exhibitor is held responsible for his stand, as follows (for the purposes of safety):

– assuming responsibility with regard to all individuals connected to the activities followed on behalf of the exhibitor for the entire duration of the stay in the exhibition area.

– at the discretion of the exhibitor, and under his complete responsibility, the “stand manager” can also be a different person for each of the three stages already mentioned (setting up, event, dismantling).

The name of the manager and relevant contact telephone numbers must be indicated on the application form.

Any changes or additions must be communicated to the organizing committee before the start of work of mobilization for the construction of the stand.

Access to the stands by firms acting on behalf of the organizing committee for the delivery of services will only take place in the presence of the manager of the stand and following his authorization.This constraint does not apply for staff in charge of supervision and security.



Obligatory declaration

THE EXHIBITOR _____________________________________________________

(full name)

Declares to have read, understood and accepted specifically all the articles of the regulations of the event mentioned in these pages, the rules and participation fees and all those issued afterwards for the organization and the functioning of the event. 

In particular, the participant declares specifically to accept and  approve the conditions contained in the following articles of the General Conditions of Participation in the event as follows: I

1 Admission to the event; 2 Acceptance of general regulations; 3 Limits of the exhibition area; 4 Registration– sending application and payment of account; 5 Right of withdrawal; 6 Penalty clause; 7 Allocation of stands; 7a Fittings; 8 Entrance and Passes; 9 Participation Fee; 9a VAT legislation; 10 Setting up and dismantling of stands; 11 Catalog of exhibitors; 12 Payment terms; 13 Supervision of the stand; 14 Cleaning of stand; 15 Photographs and Drawings; 16 Sound transmission – film screenings; 17 Advertising – Municipal Advertising Tax; 18 Insurance; 19 Damage to stand; 20 Price increases; 21 Changes to Regulations; 22 Force majeure; 23 Enforceable Technical Arrangements; 24 Jurisdiction; 25 Information and Consent; 26 Security.

Date_______________________________         Stamp and legible signature______________________